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BC Fans Are Slightly Obsessed

Here's a piece from the Roanoke Times on Mike Glennon's commitment:

"They said that I’m the closest thing to Matt Ryan that they’ve seen. They want me to be the Matt Ryan of N.C. State."

Of the nearly two dozen offers Glennon received, State’s was one of the last. Thinking back, he now believes he has been leaning toward the Wolfpack since visiting Raleigh during spring break.

"You could tell that they were getting strong consideration because I had plenty of offers and still was faithful enough to go to their camp without an offer," he said.

"If I wasn’t interested, I’m sure I would have blown them off. A lot of kids wouldn’t have gone to a camp where they didn’t have an offer, but I just really felt a connection there. Once I got to the camp, I knew it was definitely the school for me."

Boston College fans would have you know that there's nothing to get excited about, however:

Mike Glennon = Cam Sexton. Riding the coat tails of their older brothers (who also suck), these two statues will/are getting eaten up by the ACC.

They're also offering their two cents on Brandon Barnes, which is completely appreciated. It's comforting to know that they've taken an honest interest in their former coach's exploits. If you, like me, ask yourself, "I wonder what BC fans think about this commitment?" then you've no doubt been desperately combing the internets for their thoughts. Well, this is your one stop shop. Oh, so he sucks? And this guy, he's no good either? Case closed, then. Thanks so much.

The amount of rationalizing going on is staggering. The constant spin-doctoring, the palpable insecurity--there's no end to the comedy!