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A Few Items

-- I'd already written him off, but Eryk McConnell is still mulling a return to NC State:

Still undecided are Tuscola alums Eryk McConnell (10th round, Baltimore), who has a year of eligibility remaining at N.C. State, and Blake Murphy (50th round, Chicago Cubs), a rising fifth-year senior at WCU.

"A big factor for me is that I’m so close to graduation," said McConnell, who plans to graduate next May with a degree in biology if he stays in Raleigh. "Getting a degree is important to me. But then it’s a lifelong dream of mine to play pro baseball. Those two big dreams are kind of clashing right now."

Would you really want to play for the Orioles, anyway, Eryk? Of course you wouldn't.

-- The Philadelphia Inquirer recently examined how the NCAA's new prep school legislation is affecting some athletes. Temple recruit Ramone Moore had to find an alternative way to make the grade:

So instead of entering a junior college, where his years of eligibility would be cut in half, Moore signed with Temple a few weeks ago and will attend the university next year - as a non-scholarship student.

He will not play basketball and will not practice with the team, but if he succeeds in the classroom, he will join the Owls for the 2008-09 season and remain on track to play all four years of eligibility.

-- Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to see if anyone owns, and someone indeed does--it's a La Femme Nikita fan site of all things. If you click on the Peta Wilson link, it takes you to a flash slideshow with a Matchbox 20 song playing in the background. There should be some sort of label warning me that a Matchbox 20 song is about to assault my ears; I could have been killed.

So I guess I can forget about that url; however, is available, so I may just go with that.