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Friday Items

-- South Carolina is streaming all of the Columbia Regional games over the internets; you can watch here. (I think it's free.)

-- If you missed LeBron's performance last night, you're gonna want to check out the highlights.

-- A tip of the hat to Bill for this one: Charlie Weis announced this week that three players were in contention for Notre Dame's starting QB job. Left out of the mix was Zach Frazer. Should Frazer decide to transfer, Bill thinks TOB might get involved (or re-involved, I should say). Also, if his profile is accurate, it looks like Amato's staff recruited him. Anyway, Frazer has yet to announce his intentions, so this is all very premature. Sounds like there's a fair chance Frazer moves on, though:

His father, David, hinted that a transfer could happen if Zach does not gain any opportunities in South Bend.

"If the opportunity is out there and they (other schools) come calling, he wants to play," David Frazer said. "He's a kid that wants to play. He's not going to run the scout team or do mop-up duty, he wants to play."

Of course, even if O'Brien has interest in a newly available Frazer, there may not be any room for him. Opinion seems to be that we'll take one quarterback in the 2008 class, and we're already recruiting a number of guys; among them are Mike Glennon, Brandon Rogers, and Jacob Charest.