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It's getting exciting 'round here.

Sidney Lowe just received a commitment from 6-7 forward CJ Leslie, who is a member of the 2010 class. Some links of interest:

Back in November, CSTV's Van Coleman ranked Leslie as the #10 prospect in the 2010 class:

[R]ounding out the top ten is fast rising 6-foot-6 North Carolina wing man C.J. Leslie, someone who can flat out take it to the rim off the dribble.

The Buckeye Prep Report ranked him even higher--number two--back in October. They like him quite a bit:

CJ Leslie, a 6’6 C/PF from Holly Springs, NC, was at times, the most dominate player at the camp. Some people had heard about Leslie but this camp was really his coming out party. Leslie has great length and a 6’11 wingspan, which he combines with great timing to block multiple shots per game. Also, Leslie passes surprisingly well given his height. Although Leslie spent a lot of time on the perimeter, when he played closer to the basket his talent was more evident. Remember this kid’s name, he has the potential to be big time.

There's also this from a tOSU message board:

But watching C.J....that kid is going to be special. He had something like 30 points, but his team was losing by about 40. Frustrated, he dribbles the ball down the court, and just goes up and dunks on 6'9" Marcus Kitts, Middle Creek's best player who has a full ride to William and Mary...just SLAMS it on him. Middle Creek's loud student section just shut up for about 30 seconds straight. Then, when I asked someone about "that kid on Holly Springs", I was told he is being scouted by Ohio State. And..well...that's how I found this.

It's certainly a good sign that Ohio State was interested in him.

C.J. Leslie- At 6-foot-8, Leslie is quite an intriguing prospect as a combo forward. A very active player with a versatile skill game, he was constantly impacting the game all over the court. His shooting range does need to improve, but Leslie has a complete skill package that makes him a very attractive prospect.

C.J. Leslie (6'5" Fr. SF-PF, Holly Springs (NC) High) Very active forward is a fun player to watch because he makes so many plays. He was around the ball often, especially on the glass, really using his athleticism to play bigger. Right now, he's a little lanky and his ball skills will need work, but he comes to play and his skills and body maturity will come in time.

A good-passing, shot-blocking, athletic forward with a "complete skill package"? Kick. Ass.