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The Windy City Beckons

-- When the Pack takes the field against Wofford on Sunday (or whenever the rain stops), they'll be facing Austin Redwine. Redwine sports a 6.68 ERA, and that number is an accurate reflection of his pitching ability; which is to say that he doesn't have any...
Redwine 1.5 5.6 3.5 1.6 5.77 .322 .401 .525
Opponents are OPSing .926 against him--hitting like Gary Sheffield, basically. He doesn't have good control and compounds matters with a lame strikeout rate. I expect we'll give him a nice knocking around.

-- As I mentioned earlier this week, I'll be in Chicago from Sunday until Wednesday. Braves/Cubs on Sunday, Yankees/White Sox on Monday and Tuesday. I'm hoping I can bring the White Sox some good mojo (seemed to work last year); they've been swinging the bat like a bunch of girly men this season. No new posts in this space until Thursday, most likely.

-- I've been messing around with Windows Movie Maker; here's my second attempt at a highlight video: