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Are we there yet?

-- Tony Barnhart ranks the ACC's top five running backs. Brown and Baker are honorable mentions.

-- asked me to write a brief Wolfpack football preview, which you can find here. I'm overly optimistic, as I usually am this time of year.

-- This trade deadline hasn't lived up to my expectations (so far). Tadahito Iguchi to the Phillies for a pittance. Rob Mackowiak to the Padres for an unnamed prospect. Jermaine Dye to the Red Sox, and then not to the Red Sox, and then to the Red Sox again, and now definitely not to the Red Sox. I don't want to think about the White Sox lineup without Dye. "Now batting fifth, another recently-called-up clueless pseudo-prospect!" I love those.

-- It was pretty okay, but I don't know about this 89% business. If you're gonna bring Albert Brooks back as a guest voice--playing the bad guy, no less--how can you not reprise his Hank Scorpio role? Boo-urns on that missed opportunity.

"Homer, on your way out, if you wanna kill somebody, it would help a lot."