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Catching Up With Manny And Marcus

The San Francisco 49ers have their own social networking site (which is a great idea), and both Manny Lawson and Marcus Hudson are featured prominently. They've got some photos/videos/blog entries you can check out. Read about the crazy rabbit that chases Marcus while he rides his bike to work. And also about Manny's idea for a kinder, gentler planet:

I'm thinking nap time should be internationally known that sometime throughout the day, all jobs are required for their employeeds to have a nap time. After a nap, everything would be better. The market would be better, everyone would be fresh. People wouldn't be so angry all the time. If you were to step on my foot, if I had just had a nap, I'd say no sweat. Steal a potato chip out of my bag? I'd say, no problem have another. So it's all about naps.

Take for instance when a child is cranky, all he needs usually is sleep and he's better. So that philosophy should be applied worldwide.

You have to admit he makes a compelling argument.