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Darrell says you suck, Marc Trestman.

Some of Darrell Blackman's comments from the ACC Football Kickoff:

On why Philip Rivers was successful and why his successors were not

"He basically knew the offense better than the coaches did. They really didn't have to coach or teach him anything, because he knew what was going on. He knew how to read defenses and pick them apart. We tried to run that same system with a guy, Marcus Stone, who was more of a running quarterback. He liked to get out in the open and move, but we were still in the Philip Rivers era – trying to sit back there and pick teams apart. We needed to change the concept of the offense so we could move the ball like we wanted to, but it just wasn't happening."

On his new role in the offense

"I think they're trying to get me more involved, rather than put me toward the back and emphasize the running backs. I think they want to get the ball out in the open to the receivers like me, John Dunlap and Donald Bowens. I am thinking they are going to put in a lot more of screen passes, reverses; things to get us involved more. I am running deeper routes and expanding my abilities as a wide receiver, rather than being confined."

Emphasis mine.