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Wolfpack Football Through The Decades

All photos and captions are from the University Archives Photograph Collection. You can click on the photos for larger versions.

"North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts football team lining up in formation on the practice field." (1906)

"More than 13,000 crowded Riddick Stadium for the State-Carolina game that by 1923 had become a State Fair week tradition." (1923)

"North Carolina State College's defense pursues a Clemson pass receiver in a football game won 13-0 by State." (1932)

"Four students in the street outside of Bagwell residence hall during homecoming, 1939."

"Cathey's famous 'quarterback sneak' scores against North Carolina." (1941)

Douglas Herakovich explains the sneak in Touchdown Wolfpack!

In 1941, the Pack employed the Tennessee System on offense. It was basically a single-wing attack with the quarterback crouching close to the ground behind the center. However, the quarterback played a much different role than he does in modern football. The quarterback rarely ran the football, and the position was also referred to as the "blocking back." When State met Carolina, Wolfpack co-captain Bob Cathey was State's quarterback.

On second down from the 16, Cathey ran what was known as a "quarterback sneak" at that time. Cathey took the ball from center Jimmy Allen and proceeded to make a number of fakes to the halfbacks. The defense, which had watched Cathey hand off all afternoon, went for those fakes. Cathey then tucked the ball into his stomach, bent over and slowly moved down the field. Near the line of scrimmage Cathey bounced off a couple of UNC defenders who didn't realize he had the ball, and then Cathey trotted into the end zone virtually unnoticed for a touchdown.

"View of North Carolina State College marching band in formation at Riddick Stadium." (1940s)

"Aerial view of Riddick Stadium during North Carolina State College football game against Duke, September 28, 1946."

"North Carolina State College marching band during halftime of game against University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." (1950s)

"Dick Christy, North Carolina State College's all-American halfback and Atlantic Coast Conference player of the year." (1957)

"Football-shaped float that is being ridden by a male student wearing a bra, homecoming, 1958. A sign on the float reads 'I dreamed I beat VPI in my Maiden-from bra.'"

"North Carolina State College quarterback Roman Gabriel passing to halfback John Stanton." (Sometime between '59 and '61.)

"Athletic Director for North Carolina State University Roy Clogston, President of the Consolidated University of North Carolina William Friday, and Chariman of the Stadium Committee Walker Martin at the groundbreaking for Carter Stadium, December 14, 1964."

"North Carolina State University wingback Gary Rowe breaking tackle in 21-0 win against Duke University, November 6, 1965."

"North Carolina State University player tackling University of North Carolina quarterback. For the first time in 11 years the two teams played in Riddick Stadium." (1965)

"Aerial view of Carter Stadium on dedication day, October 8, 1966."

"The white shoes defense completed the tremendous 1967 campaign by pulling down Georgia in the Liberty Bowl."

"North Carolina State University mascot standing on goal post." (1969)

"Mu Beta Psi float depicting NC State trash 'compacktor,' homecoming, 1982."