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Game week!

-- NC State released a depth chart for the opener, and you can find that here (PDF). Darrell Blackman is listed as 5-11 at receiver and 5-10 at kick returner. DeMario Pressley is questionable.

-- There's more fretting from the coaching ranks in a big Orlando Sentinel piece on the new kickoff rule:

"That part of the game is really going to be a weapon now," UCF Coach George O'Leary said. "I just don't see a lot of guys putting the ball through the end zone anymore. So kickoff coverage is going to become a dominant part of your team and kickoff return is going to be another big-time offensive play as long as the right guy gets the ball in his hands."

To boost the importance of special teams this season, the Knights coaches have instituted a special teams' hammer, which it will pass around to the top special teams performer of the week.

For your efforts this week, you've won a chance to perform amateur carpentry.

-- The phrase "sleeping giant" is thrown around a lot these days...

Sometimes all it takes to awaken the giant is a new on-campus football stadium with a touchdown siren that's like a police car siren--but louder!