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Penalties And More Penalties

Yesterday I said I wasn't going to do this, but after stewing on it for a while, I ended up too curious to not do it. What follows is a breakdown of the penalties committed by the team (and, more specifically, the offense) in 2006.

First, the breakdown by offense/defense/special teams:
 Pen %Tot
Off 50 58.1
Def 25 29.1
SPTms 11 12.8
As you can see, the offense committed twice as many infractions as the defense; highlights for the O include 7 of 9 total penalties against Maryland and 6 of 9 against Georgia Tech.

The offensive penalties are divvied up like so:
  Num %Tot
False Start 21 42
Holding 14 28
Subst. Infraction 4 8
Personal Foul 3 6
Illegal Formation 2 4
Illegal Shift 2 4
Illegal Motion 1 2
Illegal Forward Pass 1 2
Off Pass Interference 1 2
Facemask 1 2
Not all of the penalties are attributed to an individual player in the box scores--only 64 of the Pack's 86 penalties were attributed. Based on those attributions, the positional breakdown (defense included) looks like this:
 #Pen %Tot
OL 25 39.1
DL 15 23.4
DB 7 10.9
TE 4 6.3
WR 4 6.3
FB 4 6.3
RB 2 3.1
LB 2 3.1
QB 1 1.6
The most-flagged players on the team were (including offense and defense):
Leroy Harris (OL) 5
Kalani Heppe (OL) 5
Jon Holt (OL) 5
James Newby (OL) 4
Tank Tyler (DL) 4
Three of Tyler's four penalties were of the moronic variety: one personal foul, one roughing the passer, one unsportsmanlike conduct (and subsequent ejection). Holt, as I'd alluded to, is Mr. False Start (committed four times). Heppe was caught holding three times and he also threw in a facemask infraction just to spice things up. What, no clipping, fellas?

James Newby goes back-to-back against East Carolina:
N 1-10 N14 NC STATE drive start at 02:23 (3rd).
N 1-10 N14 Evans, D. pass incomplete to James, G..
N 2-10 N14 PENALTY NCS false start (Newby, J.) 5 yards to the NCS9.
N 2-15 N09 PENALTY NCS holding (Newby, J.) 4 yards to the NCS5.
N 2-19 N05 Brown, A. rush for loss of 1 yard to the NCS4 (TEAM).
N 3-20 N04 Brown, A. rush for 14 yards to the NCS18 (PARKER, Pierre).
N 4-6 N18 Deraney, J. punt 44 yards to the ECU38, WILLIAMS, Trvs return 13
yards to the NCS49 (Bedics, P.;Jones, E.).
A team effort against Virginia:
N 1-10 N28 NC STATE drive start at 09:58 (1st).
N 1-10 N28 Brown, A. rush for 5 yards to the NCS33, out-of-bounds (Chris Long),
PENALTY NCS holding (Dunlap, J.) 10 yards to the NCS23.
N 1-15 N23 1st and 15.
N 1-15 N23 Evans, D. pass complete to Barrett, L. for 4 yards to the NCS27 (Clint
Sintim;Jon Copper).
N 2-11 N27 PENALTY NCS false start 4 yards to the NCS23.
N 2-15 N23 Baker, T. rush for 2 yards to the NCS25 (Jon Copper;Jermaine Dias).
N 3-13 N25 PENALTY NCS false start (Holt, J.) 5 yards to the NCS20.
N 3-18 N20 Brown, A. rush for 13 yards to the NCS33 (Nate Lyles).
N 4-5 N33 Deraney, J. punt 36 yards to the UVA31, Mike Brown return 0 yards to
the UVA31 (Bedics, P.).
You might call that the "NC State hat trick of flagitation." I especially like how Andre Brown ran for the exact amount of yards we needed for a first down prior to the third penalty.