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Thursday Items

-- Terrence Holt and Adrian Wilson, reunited:

Holt compared playing with Wilson like playing with a brother. The two know each other’s tendencies, they know each other’s moods. They can communicate without words on the football field, which can be an invaluable tool.

In camp, they are often among the last to show up for team meals, hanging out at a table when most of the players are long gone.

"Because they go so far back, they know each other’s tendencies, but they also can be critical of each other," defensive backs coach Teryl Austin said. "I think that makes them better because they don’t have to soft-shoe anything."

They even have mirrored 24/42 uniform numbers.

-- Manny Lawson's got a new video available here. He interviews some fans who showed up at Niners practice.

-- ESPN compiled stories about cheating/gamesmanship in college basketball. Jay Bilas relates:

"NC State used to use a different ball for warm-ups than for the game. It was nothing more than a minor annoyance, and I have no idea whether it was done intentionally or simply chance," Bilas said. "I did not consider it cheating, rather, just gamesmanship."

Meanwhile, former NC State star Cozell McQueen tried to gain an advantage during the introductions. "Cozell McQueen used to take a wild swing at your forearm during pregame alternating intros," Bilas said. "You would have your hand out to shake, and instead of slapping five, he would slap the hell out of your forearm, and it left a big mark and stung like crazy. I hated that."

"How's it going, Jay?" [smack!]

-- UCF practice notes.

-- This week in Hawk Harrelson calls! Actually, yesterday in Hawk Harrelson calls:

On a shot to right-center by Cleveland's Victor Martinez: "Ball hit...come on, Jerry, Jerry...YES!" Jerry is White Sox center fielder Jerry Owens--here Harrelson was imploring him to use those speedy little legs of his and get to the ball. As usual, Hawk paints a beautiful picture of the action.

Later, on an AJ Pierzynski fly ball down the right field line: "That ball hit deep! Stay fair! Stay fair! ... Dadgummit!" I had a similar yet more profane reaction; of course, I ain't the play-by-play guy.