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BC Game Photos


As always, click a photo to enlarge. They're better that way.

A view from my seat in section L, about five minutes prior to kickoff:

A View From Section L

The captains walk onto the field:

Captains Emerge

Ready for the opening kickoff:

Ready To Go

This shovel pass did not work out too well:

Blown Up

Beck gets hit after a throw:

Hello There

Beck finds Jamelle Eugene:

Beck Dumps It Off

Matt Ryan in the shotgun:

Ryan Gets Shotgun Snap

"Beat NC State!"

BC Students

"No, officer, I wasn't just heckling the visitors." Earlier in the game, a couple of shirtless and intoxicated students decided it would be a good idea to walk into the State section and hurl taunts at us; fortunately for them, BC stadium security removed them quickly.

Try A Second Coat Next Time

My favorite photo from the afternoon:

Aw Nuts