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Boston College Live Blog

Hi everybody,

This is Austin Johnson of Pack Pride, and I'll be doing my first ever live blog during today's game. While I try to be objective when writing for Pack Pride, that won't be happening today. I'm a die-hard NC State fan for the day. More to come once the game gets rolling.

2:30 - They just did a pan-over of the stadium and the place looks half-full. State has a late-arriving crowd and all, but this is pretty pitiful. Isn't this the kind of game you want to show up for if you're a Boston College fan?

Mostly boos from the BC crowd when Tom O'Brien came onto the field. Not really surprising. Also, Wendi Nix, not a fan.

2:37 - On third and long, our new starting quarterback Harrison Beck throws a perfect pass... to BC's safety. A nice return puts the Eagles within field goal range before they run their first offensive play. Not exactly coming out 'on fire' for the Pack.

2:43 - Boston College 7, NC State 0. No comment from me, but my buddies have plenty of unprintable things to say.

2:59 - Wow, great play by Beck and Blackman there. Darrell might have taken it to the house if the Boston College player hadn't turned his head around by his face mask.

3:02 - Harrison is suddenly looking really good. He bought himself some time in the pocket and let Blackman get open, they hit him deep. On the next play he made a great decision by tucking it in and running for a two-yard touchdown. A 98-yard drive will do wonders for team confidence.

3:08 - The Pack kept getting in Ryan's face and it pays off big. A deflected pass falls right in the arms of Gray and the Pack has the ball deep in BC territory.

Blackman is now putting on a show. The Pack's offensive strategy looks something like 'get Darrell the ball and let him go nuts' - right now its working like a charm. He's got six catches in the first quarter.

3:12 - State tried a little deception on third and goal with a little shovel pass that did not work at all. Andre Brown got flattened before he turned around. 'The Polish Rifle', Steven Hauschka, puts it through to make it 10-7 in favor of NC State. By the way, Hauschka isn't Polish, but apparently that didn't stop O'Brien from giving him that nickname.

3:24 - Dead silence in the house as Beck throws another pick that's walked in for BC touchdown. I think its safe to say the Harrison Beck experience is going to be a bit of a roller coaster.

3:26 - Here's a crazy idea - play Harrison when the Pack is behind and Evans when the Pack is ahead in a game. Think about it.

3:31 - Beck gets sacked, which sets off a series of middle-school style jokes regarding the word 'sack'. I have really mature friends.

3:35 - Apparently Matt Ryan's nickname is 'Matty Ice'. That's a terrible nickname, unless its a reference to Natty Ice, then its a great nickname.

3:42 - The announcers are blasting the Pack's decision to go for it on 4th-and-6 last week, they also included video that looks like it was pulled off YouTube. I love it when announcers question coach's decisions in hindsight. Oh wait, no I don't.

3:47 - Beck has been playing video game football this entire drive. I think he's thrown deep on every other play. Oh and he just got sacked again and fumbled the football. Fantastic....

3:58 - BC field goal makes it 17-10. The Pack defense has played really well but the offense hasn't helped out, handing the Eagles a touchdown and giving them great field position a couple of times in the half.

4:06 - Beck ruins a great drive at the end of the first half by throwing a jump ball into the endzone. Of course Boston College intercepts it. More obscenities from present company.

Harrison is on pace to throw for 450 yards, no touchdowns and six interceptions. That would be one of the more bizarre stat lines I've ever seen, and I'm really hoping it doesn't happen.

4:44 - Ok I'm back for the second half. Not a lot happening right now but State still can't run the ball. Minus six yards so far, you don't win many games doing that.

4:48 - The Pack muffs a punt and gives the ball to BC inside the 20-yard line. The Eagles don't waste a lot of time, scoring to make it 23-10 after a missed extra point. Not a lot of excitement in the room right now.

5:00 - Harrison throws another pick. That's four, but in fairness to Beck its not his fault the Pack can't run the ball. Still plenty of time in the game, but my hopes are starting to fade.

5:22 - Boston College goes for it on 4th-and-goal from inside the 1-yard line. Of course, the runner is barely touched as he walked into the endzone. Sigh. 30-10 BC.

5:30 - The announcers seem to the think that NC State should be going no huddle at this point. I disagree. Let's get within two scores before we start worrying about that.

5:35 - Five.

5:47 - It's now 37-10, so lets try to focus on the positives. Beck's numbers are going to look really bad, but he showed the abilities to make some big plays. I think the Pack should stick with him. The defense look good until late in the game, when they just wore out.

5:51 - The Pack puts in Evans with three minutes left. Not sure what the point is here, other than making sure Beck doesn't throw six interceptions.

5:54 - Incredible diving catch by John Dunlap to make the score 37-17. He also might have hurt his wrist. Also Andre Brown got hurt on a big run a few plays ago. I might know more but ESPN2 just switched games so I have no idea what happening in the game now. I'm officially distraught.

5:56 - Since I can't watch the game any longer I guess we're done for the day. If you managed to make it through this whole thing, thanks for reading, and remember to check out Pack Pride for the best NC State football/basketball coverage around. Thanks to Steve for letting me use his space for my ranting this afternoon.