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A Few BC Items

New guy handling kickoffs:

The contest took place after practice Tuesday. Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski wasn't asking for much. "If you can keep it between the lines, you've got the job," he told freshman Billy Bennett and junior Steve Aponavicius before watching a series of kickoffs from his two kickers and wide receiver Brandon Robinson, who was looking to expand his duties.

And the winner?

"We're going to go with Billy," said Jagodzinski, who simply wants someone who can put the ball near the end zone on kickoffs, something that was lacking in last Saturday's 38-28 win over Wake Forest, in which Aponavicius had three go out of bounds.


School officials could receive a decision from the NCAA on the status of defensive tackle B.J. Raji by tomorrow. Raji was suspended last week because he had fallen three credits short in his academic progress. BC's stance is that the school made a mistake in counting the credits and Raji shouldn't be penalized because of it. An NCAA committee in Indianapolis will discuss the matter and history suggests that when an appeal is made about an athlete in season, the NCAA is aware of the time constraints. Playing against N.C. State seems unlikely, but Raji could be available for next week's game against Georgia Tech, if the NCAA rules in his favor.

You might also be interested in Boston College's depth chart (PDF) and stats.