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Friday Items

-- Wofford Has Pack's Attention:

"No matter how we package it, it’s a triple option offense," Ayers said. "We’re running the option out of about 18 different formations. What we try to do is check the numbers [at the line of scrimmage], see where the people are and come up with a scheme that allows the quarterback to make a decision to give the football off, keep it or to pitch it. We also have a fourth option and that’s throw the football, although we don’t do it very much."

No they don’t. In two games, Wofford has put the ball in the air only 15 times.

Actually, they've thrown the ball 29 times, but the point stands. They've run the ball almost 80% of the time this season.

-- The Pack's offensive line is still adjusting:

"There are different calls, there are different ways you can block. ... That's what we're learning," senior center Luke Lathan said. "It takes awhile to get the technique down sound."

Apparently. Also:

"They have to get good at something," said State offensive line coach Don Horton, whose unit averaged 3.4 yards per carry at Boston College last season.

Yes, that would be fantastic. Anything.

-- It's time for the losing streak to end:

O’Brien once said his players had an "over-inflated image" of themselves. Although he said he would have preferred never losing or being humbled, it may have helped, as his comments this week sound as though his team is preparing harder to end the losing ways.

"We’re getting better at what we’re doing," O’Brien said. "It’s going to end. It’s going to turn sometime, hopefully Saturday."

-- CFN doesn't think we'll score more than 24 points against Wofford. When I simmed the game on NCAA '08, the Pack won 49-3 ... and Harrison Beck threw three interceptions.