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Oh, schadenfreude.

Carolina would like a review of a review.

Davis said the formal request centered on the procedure of the challenge, and not the end result of the review, which overturned a 48-yard field goal by UVa's Chris Gould.

"We had a list of a couple of things that we would like for them to review and clarify for us," Davis said. "If you saw the TV copy, the TV announcers reported that the challenge didn't come from the coaches."

Davis's mistake is assuming that Steve Martin and Doc Walker, two of the biggest incompetents around, knew what they were talking about. The announcers suggested that the impetus for the review came from a booth with a TV monitor, which was not the case.

While UNC fans were celebrating the apparent miss, the two Virginia managers who retrieved the ball, as well as Gould, insisted to assistant coaches that the kick was good. They convinced Cavs coach Al Groh to use a coach's challenge to review the kick, and the call on the field was reversed.

Is it too late for us to get a review of a review?