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TOB wants you back, baby.

SMQ brings us another missive from Tom O'Brien:

I won't lie to you, baby: I'm disappointed.

Not that I blame you. But I have to say, I'm surprised that you've moved on so quickly, and hurt. I thought our time together meant more than that. I take a little time to clear my head, to rediscover myself, and that's it? I know I said I was gone for good, that we just couldn't be together anymore, but I've found myself asking over and over again these past nine months: what do I really want? Who is Tom O'Brien? And after all that time, I keep coming back to same answer: Tom O'Brien is the coach of the Boston College Eagles. I choose you, BC. When I walked out that door, you didn't really think I meant it, did you?

Elsewhere, Mickey Plyler spends a heck of a lot of words trying to decide if NC State is one of Clemson's rivals.