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Try to mask your shock.

Via Deadspin comes this:

The roughest tackle last night didn't involve Terps defensive players Erin Henderson or Dave Philistin. No, the big moment came when junior American studies major Thomas Agbonyitor took down a West Virginia fan walking through Lot U4, delighting Terps fans tailgating in the area.

"I saw this fan standing around all cocky," Agbonyitor said. "So I did my best Shawne Merriman impression and took him out; everyone cheered. I hate when opposing fans come to our stadium and act like that."

From the comments at Deadspin:

"I hate when opposing fans come to our stadium and act like that."

He wuz all walkin' around, and shit.

Is there nothing that can bring the two sides together?

"Cheers to beer pong, it's the second best sport going down today," yelled a group of Maryland and West Virigina fans in unison.

Of course--beer pong, the universal divide-bridger.

(By the way, guess who's sitting in the Maryland section when they visit Carter-Finley? Fortunately, chances are that I'll be sitting with my head hanging in shame, which is the complete opposite of "standing around all cocky." Still, may have to re-think my "Maryland: The Other Alaska" t-shirt. I'm not a big fan of being pummeled, but that's me.)