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And The Schedule Said Let There Be A Liveblog

Finally, after five weeks, I get to spend one at home.

Join me, the good Captain, and hopefully Austin this Saturday for all the live-blogged carnage. Be there or, I don't know, be somewhere else. I'm not the boss of you.

Some FSU-centric sites you may be interested in checking out:

The Chopping Block, NCSU grad Andrew Carter's Seminoles blog.

The Tampa Tribune's FSU blog.

The Tallahassee Democrat's FSU Fan Blog.

Tomahawk Nation

Scalp 'Em (a Q&A with Scalp 'Em is forthcoming)

Chant Rant

ACC Football Report

One other note...

The following teams have allowed 200 or more rushing yards in every game to date: Marshall, Nevada, and NC State.

First our logo, now our crappy run defense. Copycat status confirmed.