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At least he has that going for him.

From Ken Tysiac:

Gailey, O'Brien among leaders in NASCAR picks

Coaches Chan Gailey of Georgia Tech and Tom O'Brien of N.C. State are demonstrating their knowledge of auto racing with their picks in's Nextel Cup Celebrity chase.Gailey is tied for third and O'Brien fifth among 36 celebrities, including actor Carl Weathers and New York Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon.

O'Brien said he's received help from an assistant on his staff and son Daniel, a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan. O'Brien said he picks Jeff Gordon to ratchet up his father-son rivalry.

"As long as Gordon keeps winning, I'll be doing well, I guess," O'Brien said.

The football season isn't going so well, but he's out-NASCAR-pickin' the hell out of Hanson.

It's worth noting, too, that Fuel sucks at picking NASCAR races as much as they suck at playing their instruments.