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Basketball Prospectus Arrives

Dig it.

If you weren't reading Section Six during basketball season, or if you're still not sure what the deal is with these possession-based statistics, this is a good place to start.

Then you can check out Ken Pomeroy's ACC overview:

Don't get too carried away with the notion of a new-look ACC. It's not out of the question that UNC and Duke will be at the top conference again. It was easy to kick the Blue Devils while they were down last season, but their struggles were deceiving and they bring in one of the best freshman classes in the nation this season. Wright will be tough to replace at UNC, but the Tar Heels return every other player on last season's talented roster. Therefore, it's hard to imagine them having to share the regular season title again.

 2007 Pythag % Returning 2008
Team Wins Minutes Prediction
North Carolina 13.2 70.4 13-3
Duke 9.7 82.4 11-5
Clemson 7.2 81.8 10-6
Maryland 10.0 48.1 9-7
N.C. State 4.5 81.4 9-7
Georgia Tech 8.5 60.7 9-7
Virginia 8.9 71.9 8-8
Florida St. 8.3 74.6 7-9
Miami FL 4.3 68.9 7-9
Boston College 8.7 50.0 6-10
Virginia Tech 8.3 39.2 4-12
Wake Forest 3.9 70.0 3-13

Ken makes good use of the pythagorean standings, which hopefully look familiar.