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Friday Items

-- This brings some warmth to my cold, cold heart.

Of Hickson, a grinning Lowe said, "You're going to really like him. I really like him."

Get here soon, hoops.

-- Basketball Prospectus's ACC preview: part one, part two.

-- Via Aaron Gleeman comes this bit of PR brilliance from Michigan State. The Spartans invited the local media to participate in a full practice so they could get a taste of the major college athletics they write about. The media members practiced and played, and the MSU players took the role of journalists, conducting interviews afterward. All I can say is, if Sidney Lowe ever did this, this is a comedy I'd pay to watch.

-- Say it ain't so!

THOMAS' KNEE HEALING: Thomas, a reserve, had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee roughly four weeks ago. Williams said he hopes the guard will be back to full speed by Nov. 1.

QT is one of my favorite players because he is Instant Interesting. If he's not 100% this year, it will be a tragedy.