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Liveblog! NC State @ Florida State -- First Half

[3:20PM] Hello and welcome. We're fifteen minutes or so from kickoff and I'm already depressed because Carolina has looked like a real football team today. -- Steven

[3:25PM] Holy crap, crazy lateral play by Miami if you happen to be watching that game. Of course Carolina still leads by 13.... -Austin

[3:26PM] Oh and hello. Thanks again to Steven for letting me hang out on his blog this afternoon.

[3:29PM] Indeed that was a crazy punt return, which now sets up Kyle Wright's 23rd INT of the day. Also, boo on your late game play calling, Chan Gailey. -- Steven

[3:33PM] "Emotions are running high in Tallahassee, and for one man in particular." -- Steven

[3:38PM] That, uh, that didn't take very long, now did it. Greg Carr. Xavier Lee had all day to throw. -- Steven

[3:38PM] Yeah, I mean, this NC State team doesn't even bother with giving its fans hope. I can't decide if that's better or worse than losing at the very end. 7-0 FSU.

[3:40PM] I knew that damn QB draw was coming, and once Greg Carr went in motion back towards the middle of the field I thought it was obvious. Didn't matter, though, clearly. Damn hell ass. -- Steven

[3:43PM] We've got John "Deep Threat" Dunlap, who is averaging 10 yards a reception. Nice opening sequence by the offense; Brown gets five yards on a run out of the gun, then gets 10+ on a screen (!). -- Steven

[3:43PM] New strategy, just give the ball to Brown and Eugene. So far so good as the Pack has 1st-and-goal. -Austin

[3:47PM] This is incredible. Nice, easy passes, and the running game is rolling. Guess those injuries along FSU's line are significant. -- Steven

[3:50PM] Yeah, buddy! Dunlap wins the one-on-one battle easily and Evans puts it on the money. -- Steven

[3:52PM] Just a great, efficient drive by the Wolfpack. If this keeps up I think Harrison might want to take his sweet time in healing up that shoulder. -Austin

[3:53PM] We just had a shot of the Florida governor in his office reviewing paperwork. Compelling, ABC. Compelling. -- Steven

[3:53PM] For some reason the governor announcing the starting lineup creeps me out. I can't explain it. -Austin

[3:57PM] It's that measured politician's tone, I think. He might as well be discussing tax policy. -- Steven

[4:00PM] Can't complain so far. Holding penalty helps us get a stop defensively and it's Wolfpack ball on our own 30. -- Steven

[4:04PM] Hey, what do you know, a third down screen pass...for a first down! Thanks for reading, Dana. -- Steven

[4:06PM] The 25-second clock is broken. I've never understood how its hard to make a digital clock work, but it seems to happen all the time. How can you spend millions on a stadium and not build a more reliable clock system? --Austin

[4:07PM] Beautiful job by Danny there on third down. FSU was in man coverage as per usual and Dunlap was wide open. False start on Kushner though...d'oh.-- Steven

[4:11PM] Dear lord, this clock thing is annoying already. Are we doomed to another four hour game? -- Steven

[4:11PM] Run up the middle on third down, and the thing is, I was happy to see it. It says something about your season when your fans are happy because the team didn't turn the ball over on 3rd-and-goal. Field goal good, 10-7 NC State. -Austin

[4:16PM] My sentiments as well. Evans had opportunities on first and second down, so the run there is fine. We have ten points in the first quarter. This is such a shock to the system. -- Steven

[4:17PM] No, let's not use our arms to tackle the fullback. Why would you need those to tackle a large man? -- Steven

[4:25PM] Pass interference on FSU, run on first down nets five. Quite an encouraging ground performance so far. -- Steven

[4:28PM] A sixteen yard punt shifts the field position back in FSU's favor. Joy. -- Steven

[4:28PM] Whoops--sorry about that, Austin. I meant to refresh before I posted. -- Steven

[4:28PM] Not a problem. Its really easy to erase each other's post on this thing. --Austin

[4:38PM] Big third and goal here after a terrible pitch by Xavier Lee. Come on, fellas. -- Steven

[4:39PM] The Pack defense holds, and Cismesia misses a chip shot! Wow, two missed kicks for FSU and the Pack maintains its lead. --Austin

[4:40PM] Rock on. -- Steven

[4:43PM] More man-to-man from FSU, another penalty on the secondary. Evans was looking for Blackman, who's been quiet today. -- Steven

[4:43PM] Our punter is not having a good day, as he shanks another one to give FSU great field position again. You can only get away with giving the 'Noles a short field so many times... --Austin

[4:48PM] Jesus fucking Christ this is unbelievable. But, hey, 20 yards this time! That's an improvement! Pierson is now averaging 18 per punt. You got one job. One goddamn job. -- Steven

[4:50PM] Crap. Good job by Lee there with a man in his face. -- Steven

[4:48PM] Yeah I'm not a fan of how poised Lee is looking. Shouldn't he start making terrible decisions and forcing things at some point? --Austin

[4:53PM] Wow, the PBP guy just said, "Several BC tacklers" referring to our last defensive stop. And yeah, it would be great if Lee could start being terrible. He's really not helping. -- Steven

[4:56PM] Cismesia finally puts one through from 39 yards. I was really hoping he would shank that one and get to walk off the field to a reign of boos. --Austin

[5:00PM] Damn the holding. Awesome run by Jamelle. -- Steven

[5:04PM] Another third-and-long screen pass goes for a first down, as FSU foolishly brings the blitz. -- Steven

[5:06PM] Dunlap hauls one in for a big gain and all the sudden State is threatening to put points on the board before the half. -Austin

[5:07PM] Darrell Davis! He rebounds! He catches! -- Steven

[5:13PM] Ugh -Austin

[5:13PM] Fuck, Danny, that was terrible. No points for us at the end of the half; it's 10-10. -- Steven