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Liveblog! NC State @ Florida State -- Second Half

[5:16PM] You gotta think FSU will tighten the screws on our screen/draw game at the half. But they were still blowing those plays late in the second quarter, so perhaps not. It'll be our ball to start the third quarter. I need another drink(s). -- Steven

[5:34PM] Just a quick warning that I might go MIA for extended periods of time once the clock hits 6:00 and the Cubs games starts. Always fun to try to watch a team hit with both hands around their neck. -Austin

[5:36PM] Andre Brown is out with a fractured foot. You probably need your feet when you're a running back. Fan-f***ing-tastic. -Austin

[5:41PM] Yeah, I need another drinks. -- Steven

[5:43PM] To reiterate:

This Happens At Every Football Game

[5:47PM] Hey, nice kick, Pierson. Let's see if the defense can help us out here. -- Steven

[5:51PM] A nice tackle by DaJuan Morgan brings up a fourth down for FSU. Come on, good field position. -- Steven

[5:54PM] It's all Jamelle Eugene now. Evans completes a pass that takes us across midfield and brings up and important third down. -- Steven

[5:55PM] Another good kick by Pierson. What's lost in all the talk about the offense committing turnovers is just how few turnovers the defense has forced the year. One of those would be real helpful right about now. -Austin

[5:57PM] Evans pegs official; there's something fitting about that. Come on XL, time to screw up. -- Steven

[6:02PM] Lightning delay. First time I've ever been watching a game where they've done that.

[6:03PM] Lightning delay--maybe this is what we need right now. The defense is getting pushed around. And it's just in time for Austin to flip over to the Cubs game. -- Steven

[6:10PM] And Rich Hill looks awful... what an awful sports day. --Austin

[6:12PM] Not a good start at all. Sorry, man. -- Steven

[6:22PM] We had a lightning delay my sophomore year against New Mexico. I think I'm gonna hold onto that pleasant memory for the rest of the evening. -- Steven

[6:22PM] Alright sorry everyone but I'm going to have to head out. Thanks to Steven again for letting me do this and hopefully the Pack turns this thing around post-delay.

[6:49PM] We're 'bout ready to get rolling again, finally. -- Steven

[6:53PM] Nice work by the defense getting pressure on Lee on that third the Noles go three-and-out right after the break. -- Steven

[6:55PM] Delayed handoff brings a predictable loss of yardage. I don't get that at all. They're expecting run, so the delay is counterproductive. Evans is sacked on the two yard line. Sigh. -- Steven

[6:59PM] Third down coming up for FSU to start the fourth quarter. Lee looks like he's lost whatever groove he was in prior to the break. -- Steven

[7:03PM] Officials miss a face mask, so of course we hit the punter and give the Noles an automatic first down. Fuck this. -- Steven

[7:05PM] Okay, that wasn't offensive pass interference? Sure, right. Thank you so fucking much, selectively blind ACC officials! You gift them a first down; that wasn't enough?

[7:08PM] Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I want to cry.

[7:11PM] Holy fucking shit, I am about to blow a goddamn gasket. YOU DO NOT TOUCH GREG CARR. Incidental contact? Not Greg Carr's fault. Greg Carr pulling down a DB? Not Greg Carr's fault. Holy horse shit, Batman. I am going to step outside.