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The Orlando Sentinel's Andrew Carter has written an article about Chuck Amato that's worth a read; he's also posted portions of his interview with Amato on his blog. A couple of excerpts:

Q: You never thought you’d be back in Tallahassee:
A: "No. I mean, cause I thought I was going to be the way things were going and nobody knew more than me that we had to make – something had to be done and I knew what had to be done and, but, the recruiting, the recruiting, we would have knocked ‘em out, the recruiting, given the kind of year we had, was an outstanding – we were going to have an unbelievable recruiting class."


Q: What do you think you learned that makes you a better coach and person now?

A: "But I think just, I learned the fact of being media-friendly, and I was media friendly up there. In fact, I was too friendly. And there was one group that knew I wasn’t, because they were not. And I didn’t come into it that way. I mean, some of the things that were put in the newspaper – if I was a vindictive person, I would have sued them. I mean, people called me up and said you ought to."