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-- Oh, sure, they're making confident-sounding noises, but don't let that fool you. If they're so unconcerned, why are they bringing in reinforcements?

-- About the Pack DL, Skip Holtz said:

"Their defensive front is very good. I think they have lined up and played with every team on their schedule."

It's clear what Holtz means, but it's more amusing to pretend like he meant that in the literal sense, like lauding the fact that they participated in every game of the season was the only compliment he could manage. "That defensive front, let me tell you, they've done a good job showing up in uniform at the previously agreed upon time."

-- I'll bet this is working out just fantastically:

Let's check in on the progress so far...

By Mr Wuf
Oct 16, 2007 9:07 PM | Link to this

A BCS bowl victory over Notre Dame and a top 5 finish, victories over top 10 Florida State and a Heisman Finalist in Rivers, enough said. And NCAA 83 basketball champs, enough said.

I don't get it.

-- She ain't what she used to be?

Remember when the East Carolina-N.C. State football rivalry was fun?

Well, no, actually. My earliest NC State football memory is of the '92 Peach Bowl.

[begin tangent] How traumatized eight-year-old me was. After that...nothing 'til the '95 Peach Bowl (I probably swore off football in the intervening period). And then nothing until the Carolina game the following season. Then another gap until Mike O'Cain...brass balls...time out, Pasqualoni, time out! (I probably swore off football in the intervening period.) By the way, do you remember the O'Cain motivational technique that got all sorts of attention during that Syracuse game? Every player wore a rubber band. You can break a single rubber band, but when you put them all together, not even the strongest players on the team could break them. There's no I in huge ass ball of rubber bands. Whatever happened to Quinton Spotwood, anyway? And that McNabb guy. Wonder what he's doing.[/tangent]

Okay, I guess there is this: