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Liveblog! NC State @ Miami -- First Half

[11:56AM] After a little vacation, the pre-game nerves have returned. Big game today.

Lee Corso just picked against Rutgers because this week is their "first game on grass." I'm not sure that's a particularly important factor.

[12:05PM] Hey, Larry Coker's calling the game! Prepare to be bored. He calls Kirby Freeman "more creative" during the pre-game coverage, which...I don't know, doesn't strike me as a compliment.

Miami has the ball first, and they're going backwards! Great job there. They get a little back on second down, but a penalty pushes them further back and makes it impossible for Freeman. They's puntin'.

[12:09PM] That could have gone better. Nice punt puts Miami at its own 10, though.

[12:15PM] I suppose I shouldn't be talking, all things considered, but is there anything worse than these noon Big Ten games?

Miami busts a 12-yard run on first much for pinning them deep. They get back to going no where on the next series, fortunately, dropping a screen and watching a Kirby Freeman third down pass fly over everybody.

[12:17PM] Bah. Run, run, run, punt. Maybe the gameplan is to wait for Kirby Freeman to do something stupid.

[12:22PM] Miami is run, run, running as well, with the difference being that it's working for them. I thought we had the running back stopped for a loss on third down, but instead he busts out of it for a huge gain. We looked slow right there. Must make Kirby Freeman do something.

[12:28PM] 95 total yards for the U, all of them on the ground. Bad news, that. Finally, the defense stuffs the run once Miami is inside our 10. On third down, Kirby is a scramblin' fool, but this gets him nothing but a pat on the back for throwing the ball out of the end zone. Held 'em to three--I can dig it.

[12:33PM] Well, after what looked like our first third down conversion, we've gone backwards. Penalty, penalty, sack. Joy. But at least we saw passes being completed.

[12:36PM] Kirby Freeman, everybody.

[12:40PM] I'm not liking the play calling so far. We're staying conservative, which I understand, I guess.

A first down! And there are no flags!

[12:44PM] The first down merely delayed the punt. Miami's defense is playing really well. They're getting heat on Evans just by rushing four, and boy are they fast.

[12:48PM] Randy Shannon, repulsed by the idea of Kirby Freeman under center, decides to let Darnell Jenkins give it a go. He gives it a go to the tune of 12 rushing yards lost. Miami punts and the good field position for the Wolfpack continues. Maybe we could do something this time.

[12:56PM] We're going backwards again. I'm feeling the frustration growin--no! I'm good. I'm good. Everything's good. Lovely weather we're having.

And, whoa, Danny scrambles for 16 yards to pick up the first down...or maybe not. Officials review the spot, just to waste our time. Thanks.

[1:02PM] How about some Marcus Stone! But the drive ends when Evans misses an open Dunlap on third down. Pressure made him rush the throw a bit. Hauschka misses his first field goal attempt of the year. Damn hell ass.

[1:08PM] That did not just happen. Wow.

[1:15PM] Good completion to Blackman followed by a brilliant run by Eugene. We desperately need points here.

[1:19PM] Owen Spencer! We're on the board as soon as they realize this review is pointless.

[1:21PM] Good lord, the officials in this league. Evans sneaks it in after a garbage reversal. Time to pour another drink.

[1:30PM] 10-7 Miami at the half, which I will gladly take. Penalties, a blown coverage, and a missed chip shot field goal have made the difference.