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Liveblog! NC State @ Miami -- Second Half

[1:44PM] Unofficially, Miami has 182 yards to our 153, but Kirby Freeman is just 1-7. We've run 36 plays, they've run 27.

[1:57PM] Two nice third down conversions to start the second half. We're continuing to run the ball on first down, but that's not getting us much.

Blackman drops a third down pass that would have been good for the conversion, we're in no man's land so we go for it on fourth down and don't get it. Big turn of events.

[1:58PM] DaJuan Morgan! But it's under review. Of course it is.

[2:03PM] INT confirmed. Whew. Evans comes out and nearly throws a pick, but it's pass interference on Miami.

[2:05PM] The deep balls haven't done anything except make me nervous. On third down, Evans hits Bowens who is collared at the line of scrimmage--there's a flagrant facemask, but the refs, naturally, did not see it.

[2:09PM] Bowens is in the locker room and Javon Walker was just helped off the field. Fantastic.

[2:19PM] Bad series after the missed Miami field goal. Bummer.

[2:27PM] Dodged a bullet there, because that was a touchdown. I thought it was pretty clear on replay, but the review officials did not. So thanks, fellas. Field goal's good, it's 13-7.

[2:33PM] Finally! A deep completion to Darrell Blackman, who's wide open. He takes the ball inside Miami's 20.

[2:34PM] This is huge, obviously. And a nice job by the offense after Blackman's excellent kickoff return was called back on a hold.

[2:38PM] Damn, held to three. Hauschka is money this time, though.

[2:39PM] Miami has more total yards, but we've run a lot more plays and have more first downs. I don't know what the time of possession looks like, but I would assume we're winning there as well.

[2:46PM] Pack is across midfield. The nerves are really setting in now. Good things will happen good things will happen good things will happen.

[2:49PM] Line drive field goal, which I thought was blocked for a second, is good. Tie game. Come on, defense!

[2:57PM] I love you, Kirby Freeman.

[3:05PM] Steven Hauschka is money. Is Kyle Wright healthy enough to go here? I gotta think we'll see him if he is.

[3:08PM] Freeman still in the game, Miami still running effectively.

[3:12PM] Third down for Miami near midfield, they call timeout. I am dyin' here.

[3:20PM] Just slightly frustrating, this drive.

[3:26PM] Overtime it is. I can't take it, man. I can't take it.

[3:34PM] Third and long for Miami. Come on, D, do it right here. Please.

[3:36PM] No good!!!!

[3:39PM] Steven Hauschka is GOOD! Wolfpack wins! I feel like I'm going to pass out. Woo!

[3:46PM] Whew whew whew. Bowl game, anyone?