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NC State 72, Rider 63

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%54.4Turnover Rate22.6Off Reb Rate37.9FTM/FGA51.1Rider
Four Factors
eFG%42.0Turnover Rate16.6Off Reb Rate37.2FTM/FGA7.2

 Pts Poss Off_Eff Def_Eff
Rider 63 66.2 95.1 108.7
NCSU 72 66.2 108.7 95.1

-- Better, I suppose. Still sloppy, and for a team that supposedly wants to run, we sure don't run the break very well.

-- In regards to rebounding and turnover margin, the early indications are all bad. We've yet to force an opponent to turn the ball over on more than 20% of their possessions. We out-rebounded Rider by the slimmest of margins, but this was on the strength of offensive boards, as we weren't good at the defensive end.

-- Where have you gone, Dennis Horner?

-- One assist from the point guards in 40 minutes.
 Ast% TO%
Grant 33.3 19.4
Gonzalez 18.2 0.0
McCauley 17.4 0.0
Hickson 11.2 40.8
Costner 5.6 26.4
Degand 0.0 14.1