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On The Lineups

Below is a look at the plus/minus in terms of points for each player through two games. This is calculated by taking the Pack's point differential while a player is in the game and subtracting the Pack's point differential while a player is on the bench.

Hickson 45
Costner 43
Fells 39
Degand 31
Grant 21
Horner -15
Harris -19
Gonzalez -31
Smith -31
Ferguson -44
McCauley -59

For example, we've outscored our opponents by 32 points with Hickson on the floor and been outscored by 13 with him on the bench.

-- McCauley: ouch. We've been terrible both offensively and defensively over the course of the roughly 30% of possessions he's been on the court.

-- Sidney Lowe has tried 21 different lineup combinations so far this season. Aside from the starting lineup of Degand-Fells-Grant-Costner-Hickson, which has been on the court for about half of the possessions so far, there is no combination that has seen a significant amount of time on the floor. Lowe's second-most used lineup is Gonzalez-Ferguson-Grant-Horner-McCauley, which has been on the court for a grand total of 15 possessions (8 offensive, 7 defensive).

-- Costner and McCauley have played together on 26 possessions (12 offensive, 14 defensive). That's out of 259 total (offensive and defensive) possessions, so they've played together just 10% of the time.