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A Few Items

-- Last week, the Detroit News's Angelique Chengelis had this to say:

And Tom O’Brien, formerly of Boston College and now at N.C. State, told a beat writer friend of mine that not only has he not heard a word from Michigan, but he likes where he is and isn’t going anywhere.

This thing is mildly alarming, but that's all it'll be assuming Michigan gets a Yes from one of the guys at the top of their plan B list. If they have to keep moving down the list, though...

-- Gene DeFilippo keeps the shots comin'!

"I'm disappointed, sure," said BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo. "It would be hard not to be. But I'm really proud of our guys. Who'd have thought when we came in with a new coaching staff except for Spaz [defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani] and Billy [McGovern, linebackers coach] that we'd win 10 games? We won our division. We [finally] beat Miami. We played for the ACC championship."

He's disappointed, but it's a fun disappointment. They finally beat Miami. Which TOB couldn't do. Just thought he'd toss that in there. The first year of the post-O'Brien era happened to coincide with Miami's worst season in a decade, but that's not important, really.

-- Enjoyed this from SMQ:

Wake Forest meets this year's Wake Forest, UConn, in the CarCare Bowl. Neither team will actually score - they'll just wait for the other side to turn it over in opportune field position. Prediction: a scoreless tie in regulation followed by a 33-30 Wake win in eleven overtimes, all ending in field goals.

-- A tip of the hat to BBTF for noting the discovery of an awesome historical document.

-- If you were wondering when cornhole was going to get its own theme song, well, you need not wonder any longer.