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Liveblog! NC State @ ECU -- First Half

[7:00PM] Hadn't planned on it, but what the heck. I think we gotta be due for a breakthrough offensively here. Surely.

[7:02PM] The PBP guys are going to be painful, I can tell already. JJ's sportin' a freshly shaved head; not sure I'd want to change anything if I were him.

[7:05PM] Since the football team enters the field through an eighth of a Pirate ship, does the basketball team run on the court out of a dinghy? Only seems appropriate.

[7:08PM] Hickson wins the tip, Pack quickly gets the ball to Gavin, who's got good position in the paint and subsequently gets fouled. Both FTs good.

Bah--ECU hits their first shot, then brings a bit of token pressure. Pretty good ball movement on our second possession leads to more free throws.

[7:09PM] Three Wolfpack possessions, three ECU fouls; excellent. Gavin looked like he was running straight into a charge call, but sidestepped the defender and apparently got hit. 5-2 Wolfpack.

[7:11PM] Tried to get a transition bucket there, but Costner makes a bad pass that Hickson can't handle. ECU comes up dry again, Gavin scores to make it 7-2. Good effort so far. ECU scores and tries to press again, Gavin gets fouled again. Four team fouls here early.

[7:13PM] God these guys are scary with the basketball when they're trying to push tempo. Some really bad decisions every damn time, but we somehow manage to get the ball in scoring position and draw a foul. More free throws.

[7:15PM] Another scary run out...not sure what Gavin thought he was doing there. On the plus side, defensive rebounding has been good so far. Lots of red in the house--doesn't sound particularly loud. We've hit the first TV timeout; Pack 9-4.

[7:19PM] TWC's broadcast coming to you live from "Greenvill," North Carolina. Big Ben gets a tip in on his first possession.

Pack gets clobbered near the basket--no call--after another stop, which leads to an ECU three pointer. ECU coaching staff is pointing furiously at things and stuff. No, no, stand there! Here, coach? There! Here? There, son!

[7:20PM] Pack breaks the press, Gavin drives down an empty lane and jams it.

[7:23PM] Color guy spends 15 seconds complimenting Gavin on his play, Gavin promptly fouls an ECU player taking a three pointer.

Pirates hit two of three, Costner drives and misses, Ben gets called for over the back.

[7:24PM] Farnold from downtown! Hickson fouls an ECU player on the ensuing possession; if I were JJ, I'd let the glare off my head play my defense for me. And there's a Wolfpack turnover... fortunately, ECU can't shoot.

[7:26PM] 16-13. Gavin looked like he was literally pushed to the ground, but no call. He then tripped and fell over again, which put him out of the play and gave the Pirates an open jumper.

[7:27PM] Javy's in, and his first possession is an ugly one. Not a bad pass to JJ, but Hickson's got butterfingers right now. Turnover.

[7:30PM] Another odd looking possession results in nothing, ECU ties it with a three. And there's an answer from Javy--that's nice to see.

[7:32PM] Dennis, not your game. Lord. ECU's Taylor Gagnon, wearing the face guard, isn't ready for a pass at the other end and it's a turnover. Hands up, son! JJ finally hits one from the field, and ECU turns it right back over.

[7:34PM] Costner gives it right back. Pirates hit another three, which figures. We give it away again, then foul; Pirates will be shooting FTs after the timeout. 21-19 Pack.

[7:37PM] Yeah, John Fields's stroke is hideous. Terrible, terrible passing from the Wolfpack continues.

[7:39PM] JJ gets excellent position, scores and is fouled. That's there all day. ECU bricks a three but manages to get the rebound...second try nets some free throws.

[7:41PM] Costner just doesn't have any confidence right now--he gets the ball at the elbow and he's open, but he doesn't turn to basket at all so he never realizes it, instead kicking the ball back out immediately.

[7:43PM] Another basket for Gavin; he's really playing well. There's Brandon, finally, after an ECU three pointer.

[7:46PM] Costner hits the FT to complete the three-point play. Goddammit--another Pirate three ball with a hand in the face.

[7:47PM] Whew; offensive board gives JJ an easy one, Pack back up five. Hickson blocks a shot at the other end, but the butterfingers return, ECU guy regains control and lays it in. Jeez, man.

[7:49PM] Whaddya know, another three pointer. Terrible D from Horner on that one. We're doing a lot of standing around at the offensive end, still. Three from Gavin!

[7:52PM] Hickson fouled with 13 seconds of pain remaining in the half. He gets it in the block, he's either scoring or getting killed (or both). FTs good; 38-35.

Hinnant hits an NBA three at the buzzer. Of course he does. Even at the half.