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Liveblog! NC State @ ECU -- Second Half

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[7:58PM] According the unofficial box, ECU is 8-12 from beyond the arc. Didn't this same type of thing happen last year? Their first half eFG% = 61.5%.

[8:03PM] Wow, my high school lost a heartbreaker in the Arizona state championship today. So much for a pick-me-up.

[8:10PM] Still no answer for JJ. BC gets an offensive board, and what's this, is that some emotion from him?

[8:12PM] There's some freaking ball movement; Fells buries a three. Hickson was doubled and made a quick kick out to get it started. Nice work.

ECU white boy travels with no call, Pirates come up dry anyway. Costner is way short on a three, but draws a charge in transition at the other end.

[8:13PM] Great move by Gavin on the baseline, he scores and is fouled, Pack's up eight quickly.

[8:17PM] Good defense, another stop. Gavin gettin' double teamed. Costner passes on a three at the last second, makes a horrible entry to Gavin, and it's a turnover.

[8:19PM] Student section looking a bit forlorn. One guy yawns. Fields gets a fortunate one to bring them back within seven, BC misses an open three.

After Pirates get within five, Fells gets an easy layup.

[8:23PM] McCauley loses Fields on a pick and roll, Fields has an easy one. Farnold nearly has the ball swiped on the ensuing possession. Ben tries a drive and loses control of the ball, and we have another tie up.

[8:26PM] Horner hits from fifteen feet after ECU pulled to within three. And they score again...we aren't getting stops right now. McCauley rejected...

[8:27PM] One-point game, Lowe calls a timeout. I really thought we were going to put the game away after the strong start.

[8:29PM] McCauley tips in a Costner miss. We foul another freaking three-point shooter.

[8:31PM] I'm about ready to go back to the crappy country music videos TWC was airing before the game.

[8:32PM] Big three from Courtney--ill-advised, but big. Costner was fouled grabbing a defensive board but no call was made, Pack turns it over.

[8:34PM] Two FTs for Gavin, it's 58-56. Back and forth, back and forth.

[8:38PM] It's too goddamn easy for ECU right now. Screen, dribble, open jumper. They're up two. Another brick from Costner, no second chance.

[8:39PM] Ugly, ugly three attempt by Gonzalez. That's the last thing we needed right now. Charge at the other end, Pirates still up a pair.

[8:42PM] Fells misses an open three; they're really clogging the lane to deny Hickson. And now our defensive rebounding is failing us. Are we going to play a game this year that isn't incredibly frustrating on an untold number of levels?

[8:43PM] ECU's getting second and third chances, and they have all of the energy. This drought we're on is going to be terminal if we don't snap out of it in a hurry.

[8:46PM] John Fields, thank you, sir. Ugh...Degand just misses an open three. Out of sync.

[8:48PM] Hickson ties it with a follow up slam...should have been a foul called on the contact prior, though. Timeout, a little over four left, tie game.

[8:50PM] Hinnant, my god, man. Look, the official has discovered where he left his whistle.

[8:53PM] Gavin continues to come up large, tied up again. Three minutes to go. Pirates turnover!

[8:54PM] GG staying aggressive, he'll go to the line once more.

Sam Hinnant is! Jeremy Ingram in! Dances With Wolves.

[8:55PM] We're toast.

[8:58PM] Toast, the burntest of burnt toast.

[9:00PM] So, how are you doing? The Christmas shopping going okay? How about this warm weather, ain't that something?

[9:04PM] LOL. Down five, Costner dribbles ball off thigh, turns it over. I am just about certain that I have no interest in watching another one of our basketball games this season.

[9:04PM] Students are positioning themselves for a court rush. Cherry, thy name is Insult.

[9:10PM] GG misses the second FT, Hickson then misses an easy follow, and then the refs award ECU the ball after it went out of bounds off them. I'm good, though. I'm good. I'm feeling jolly. It's the holiday spirit. Jolly jolly jolly happy happy happy. I am not going to hurl anything at a window. No, no, stop looking at that object that's of conveniently hurlable size.

[9:12PM] Hey, but the Hurricanes are kicking the shit out of the Canadiens in the Bell Centre again.