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Georgia Tech 77, NC State74

Box Score

NC StateFour Factors
eFG%54.1Turnover Rate26.7Off Reb Rate43.3FTM/FGA42.9Georgia Tech
Four Factors
Turnover Rate22.3Off Reb Rate26.1FTM/FGA30.6

 Pts Poss Off_Eff Def_Eff
GT 77 67.4 114.2 109.8
NCSU 74 67.4 109.8 114.2

-- If you'd have shown me those respective offensive rebounding and free throw rates before the game, I'd have said we'd won for sure. Go figure.

-- Rather than take my frustration out on the players, I'll do so on Mike Patrick, who I cannot stand. He consistently mis-calls the action on the court, incorrectly identifies players as a matter of course, and gets totally way over the top excited about totally not exciting things. In the first half, State was inbounding the ball from its own baseline; the ball ended up caroming off a Wolfpack player out of bounds. Inexplicably, Patrick said a five second call had been made; how such an infraction would be possible in this case only he knows. And let's not forget this brilliant exchange after Marcus Ginyard hurt himself against us:

[Ginyard receives ball, attempts to drive, collapses in pain.]
Patrick: "Is that Thompson?"
[Ginyard sits up, making himself more easily identifiable.]
Patrick: "No, it's Green."
Elmore: "It's Ginyard."
Patrick: "Ginyard!"

"What is Britney doing with her life?" On point, as always.

-- Seventy four points on 67 possessions is encouraging...the defense, not so much.

-- Save yourself the trouble and dispense with any thoughts of the NCAA tournament. We weren't making it prior to tonight, we certainly aren't making it after. It's the performance that's important, not the results. We stink.