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Get Yourself A Large Grain Of Salt And Proceed

This took forever, but I've finally got all of the plus/minus data compiled here.

The first tab is a quick overview. The numbers are arranged in two different ways, per 40 minutes, and in raw form.

The second tab goes in depth and includes the team's offensive and defensive efficiencies with each player on/off the court.


-- I left Marques Johnson and Farnold Degand out for the time being while I figure out the best way to handle their special cases. For everyone else, every game of the season is included in the +/- calculations; in Johnson's and Degand's cases, however, it doesn't seem proper to do that, as there are a certain number of games for which they were unavailable. I can present their information in whatever way you guys want to see it. Open to suggestions.

-- There is a lot of noise here, especially for the guys who only play sparingly. Something to bear in mind.

-- Ben McCauley is interesting because his time on and off the court is split nearly 50/50. We've been significantly better defensively with him off the court, a 91.5 Def Eff with him on the bench versus 104.1 with him in the lineup. For what it's worth, his apparently poor defense is corroborated by his DRtg and PAPER. Oh, and my eyes. He doesn't defensive rebound well, nor does he block shots or steal the ball at decent levels. So when he's not contributing efficient scoring, he hurts the team. A lot.

-- Perhaps indicative of the problems we've had integrating JJ Hickson, the offense has been better with him on the bench. The defense, on the other hand, takes a huge hit when he's not out there.