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Have Hose, Will Travel

A good piece on the challenges that come with moving up to division I-A.

Presbyterian will begin playing a full Big South conference schedule next season, even though it won't be eligible for the Big South tournament or the NCAA Tournament until the 2011-12 season (the reclassification process takes five years). But for Year 1, Nibert had to devise his team's schedule all by himself. He was faced with the following challenge: How do you make your school some much-needed money for its athletics program, get recruits interested in joining your program and take care of your veteran players -- who are about to go from being consistent Division II winners to consistent Division I losers -- all at the same time?

The solution? You devise the schedule from hell.

Five home games. Twenty-five road games. Four ACC opponents. Three SEC opponents. Throw in a Big 12 team and a Big Ten team, just for good measure.

Presbyterian is about to begin a swing through the ACC--Wake Forest tonight, NC State on Saturday, Georgia Tech on Sunday.