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Liveblog! NC State @ UNC -- Second Half

[1:04PM] I'm tired, I'm hungover, but I'm not about to miss the rest of this herculean performance.

[1:07PM] Hey, there's a quick bucket to start the second half. Pace yourselves, guys.

Javi doesn't bother to guard Lawson outside, Lawson hits an NBA three.

[1:08PM] Mike Patrick notes that Ty is not a good three-point shooter, as he's only "twelve out of thirty-six percent." Exactly.

[1:09PM] Costner picks up his third foul, returns to the bench where he'll be only slightly less noticeable.

[1:11PM] Nine points in four minutes! It's an offensive explosion! Too bad Carolina has 12 over the same span.

[1:15PM] We're back to within 30 after a Hickson free throw. McCauley is fouled and he'll shoot two.

[1:17PM] Three-pointer from Horner. Man, is that nice to see. 57-29.

[1:21PM] Ben gets caught just kind of watching the basketball, Ginyard scores on a reverse layup and gets fouled.

Ginyard rolls his ankle, Mike Patrick cycles through the entire Carolina roster and eventually correctly identifies him.

[1:23PM] 63-32, 11:40 to go. That's 19 points for the Pack in the first 8:20.

[1:27PM] We're making shots, but we aren't getting any stops. Winning this half, though!

[1:32PM] Hickson scores a layup and we've broken 40. Wasn't sure we were going to get here.

[1:35PM] Beautiful shot by JJ in the lane, then Gavin steals the inbounds. Costner going to the line after the media timeout.

In this second half, we're being aggressive, pushing tempo, passing well, hitting open is it possible to play so differently from one half to another?

[1:37PM] Lowe says "box and one." His blazer says "I'm an ironic joke!"

[1:39PM] Quentin Thomas scores again. Awesome.

[1:42PM] 41-38 Carolina this half.

[1:52PM] 93-62, final.