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Scotchtoberfest Is Upon Us

2008 Scouting Report
2008 Game Plan
2008 Schedule
2008 Roster

Presbyterian Offense 07-08Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%49.6183Turnover Rate24.9300Off Reb Rate28.7288FTM/FGA15.8330

Get ready for another midget bomb squad. And, unfortunately, they aren't bad from outside, which is just a wee bit scary considering what the touchless likes of ECU and Western Carolina did to us. They played our pals from WCU a week ago and lost by three; they've also acquitted themselves well in two games against ACC foes, sticking with both Clemson and Wake Forest for the better part of 30 minutes.

The Blue Hose handle the ball like a bunch of greased Scotsmen, so if we can't get these guys to turn the ball over 20+ percent of the time, man, it's never gonna happen.

Some Guys Who Might Start:

Ryan Lamb (5-8, 160) -- Ach. Back to the loch with ye, Nessie. Lamb is taking a paltry 13.4% of his teams shots and has an equally paltry 41.4 eFG%. Turns the ball over a lot.

Josh Johnson (6-3, 185) -- Speaks like a poet, but punches like one too. Like Lamb, he's a crappy perimeter-oriented role player.

Bryan Bostic (6-3, 200) -- Rumored to cavort around campus in the nude, screaming, "'tis no more than what God gave me, you puritan pukes!" at horrified onlookers. Listed as a small forward, though his shot selection is that of a guard's. Which is fine since he is one of their biggest three-point threats (42.7%). He's a good rebounder considering his height and perimeter-orientation, so he's got some forward in him.

Travis Sligh (6-4, 210) -- Laurens County caber toss champion, three years running. Shoots and offensive rebounds reasonably well enough, but is a turnover machine.

Al'Lonzo Coleman (6-7, 230) -- Does all the pullin', you blouse-wearin' poodle walkers! His usage and %shots numbers are both team-highs, and he's the only guy in the rotation who sticks to two-point land. His steal and block percentages suggest he's a decent defender.


Both Pierre Miller (5-10, 160) and Pat Kiscaden (6-3, 190) play a lot, and either could start. Miller is considerably better at distributing the basketball than is Lamb, but his shooting...needs work. You fancy yourself as a three-point specialist, Pierre, but, laddie, I don't think yer a scone 'o that bakin'.

Kiscaden is the third primary scoring option to go with Bostic and Coleman, and he's having a great year shooting the ball from outside (41.7% on 127 three-point attempts), which is where he'll be all day.

Presbyterian Defense 07-08Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%58.2332Turnover Rate21.1206Off Reb Rate35.5246FTA/FGA32.2101

Oh, how they try. But when there's only one guy in your rotation who stands taller than 6-4, all the David Ecksteining in the world is of no use. Presbyterian ranks 330th in average minutes-weighted height; and whereas, say, Seton Hall's guards mitigate their shortcomings by generating a lot of turnovers, Presbyterian is not so fortunate.

The results are predictably horrifying: 117.7 pts/100 poss allowed, a defensive efficiency that ranks 339th. Fourteen of their 18 opponents have shot 55.3% or better.