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I hope everyone caught this nugget, which is in the middle of a News & Observer article that's chock-full of awesome.

The ACC doesn't keep stats on charges taken, but according to the teams' records, Hansbrough alone has taken more charges than the Wolfpack players combined.

I know we're lazy, but come on.

[A]ccording to Clougherty, flopping can eventually bruise more than a player's body in the official's eyes.

"Eventually, the actors hurt themselves because as many teams as we have, [the officials] get to know who are the guys who are trying to fool them, and they discuss those things in the pregame -- the certain players out there that are taking flops, not contact," he said.

"... So while they may get a call that one time, they may not get a call later when there is legitimate contact."

Nobody deals with Tyler Hansbrough that way! He's the most powerful basketball player in town, who will never get his comeuppance. You hear me? No comeuppance!