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Liveblog! NC State @ BC -- First Half

[6:57PM] It's just about time. Joining me this evening in the painful exercise that is liveblogging this basketball team is wolfonthehill, who is perhaps better known by his nickname: "Chris." -- Steven

[6:59PM] Was about to create it myself, Steven - thanks for letting me chime in this week... if we offend anyone with inane or drunken comments, feel free to assume it was me... wolfonthehill...

[7:02PM] NC State and Boston College, as always, a great ... oh, what's the word I'm looking for here. Rivalry! Yes! No. No, not really. -- Steven

[7:03 PM] You know, sometimes I feel more nervous than our guys seem to be... let's give a crap tonight, guys...

[7:05 PM] I'm certain I feel more nervous than the players, but that's no fault of theirs--I just have this problem. -- Steven

[7:07 PM] Slow start for the Pack... Hickson scores but follows up with a miss and an airball. I still want him to touch it on every possession...

[7:08 PM] PA announcer's coming in loud and clear. Let's hope we can get some intensity going in the morgue tonight. -- Steven

[7:09 PM] Just for kicks, think about how much better than mediocre we could be if we could just trade point guards with BC... and how completely inept they'd be... - wolfonthehill

[7:13 PM] Jeebus, our D looks bad... and JJ looks good... he has 5 of our 7... please bring Javi back in soon, Sid. - wolfonthehill

[7:14 PM] We have an early Fergy sighting. Defense...have we gotten a stop yet? -- Steven

[7:15 PM] We haven't guarded a 3 yet - so they're happily draining them... their white dude's better than ours as Fergie gets swatted out of bounds... and Brandon misses a layup, then airmails a three... this is fun... no, really, it is... - wolfonthehill

[7:19 PM] I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... Brandon shoots a contested 3, then passes up a wide-ass-open 3... McCauley is being lauded for his passing ability, but hasn't passed the ball yet... yeah, this is working... - wolfonthehill

[7:23 PM] The one thing I thought was a certainty coming into this one was that Courtney would guard Rice... yet we continue to hope that one of our incredibly slow point guards can contain him... note to Sid: they can't... - wolfonthehill

[7:26 PM] Courtney Fells--if he ain't makin' a lazy pass, he ain't passin'.

[7:27 PM] "OK, guys, here's the play - pass it around the perimeter, making no progress toward the goal whatsoever... actually, get this! I want you to back up AWAY from the hoop with each successive pass, then launch a contested 24-footer out of rhythm! Ready, Break!!!"... - wolfonthehill

[7:28 PM] Are Rice and Paris brothers? Twins? In high-def, maybe I could tell the difference, but in this grainy-ass transmission, I got nothing... - wolfonthehill

[7:29 PM] Okay, now we're talking. Gavin injects some energy with a three-point play, BC turns it over at the other end. Perhaps we can get a run going here, much to the consternation of the twelve people in attendance. -- Steven

[7:34 PM] You know, we're just not all that good. No other way to say it. We play lazy defense, we don't take care of the ball on offense, we shoot pretty poorly... and BC is hot... bad omen for tonight... this one could end up around an 18-point loss... - wolfonthehill

[7:37 PM] God, this is a boring game... if I weren't a fan, I'd be switched over to Wheel of Fortune by now... - wolfonthehill

[7:39 PM] Woo-hoo! Simon Harris in the game... good things are about to happen... - wolfonthehill

[7:40 PM] Johnny Oates, man. Goddamn. -- Steven

[7:42 PM] Whoever Sanders, man. Goddamn -- wolfonthehill

[7:44 PM] Holy CRAP - Gavin with the absolute facial on the dunk-and-harm... and missed free throw, dammit... -- wolfonthehill

[7:46 PM] Some dude named Roach hits a double-teamed, off-balance, 19-footer at the halftime buzzer to make it a 9-point deficit... these are some hot-shooting white boys for BC tonight, all apologies to the trainers from my Diversity class the past two days... and there are already multiple horrendous no-calls that have led directly to 5 BC points, with the announcers laughing and commenting about them both... -- wolfonthehill

[7:49 PM] Mmkay, this is officially garbage. You are supposed to be terrible at the basketball, John Oates. Cut the non-crap.

And there's Tyler Roche, hitting an off-balance jumper with a hand in his face to end the half. I just...I can't...really? I mean, really? Good god, I need another drink. -- Steven

[7:51 PM] OK - I'll admit it... I went to confession for Lent the other day, and for some odd reason, the priest gave me liveblogging this game as penance for my sins... no Hail Mary's, no Acts of Contrition... just liveblogging the Pack... and I gotta say, this will make me think twice about future misdeeds... -- wolfonthehill