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Liveblog? ZZZzzzz @ Boston College -- Second Whatever

[7:52PM] To borrow a line from Grandpa Simpson, NC State basketball reminds me of a poem I can't remember, and a song that may never have existed, and a place I'm not sure I've ever been to. -- Steven

[7:56PM] So this is the anti-Duke... in that game, it seemed like bad karma to ever switch off of the first-half thread... I couldn't wait for you to start this one up, Steven... - wolfonthehill

[7:58PM] I almost titled this post "Second Half -- fuck ass shit cock balls." But I'm trying to look out for the kids in readerland. -- Steven

[7:59PM] Oh, boy - Heidi's gonna be calling you soon, Steven... - wolfonthehill

[8:00PM] Just think about this - who do we have who's actually playing WELL tonight? I got no one. BC's got countless white guys hot from outside, plus Rice doing his normal damage... - wolfonthehill

[8:05PM] Well, fuck ass shit cock balls to Tyrese for going off on us... thank God for JJ... - wolfonthehill

[8:08PM] Grant's not helping us with the missed free throws tonight... 7-point deficit, after a few VERY nice defensive plays... and JJ is called for another travel on a play with MASSIVE contact... - wolfonthehill

[8:10PM] Okay, okay. Within five at the first TV timeout. I can dig that. -- Steven

[8:11PM] That's a sad statement on BC... as poorly as we've played, it only took us token defensive effort for 3 minutes to get right back in this one... we've got a chance here... keep up the D, boys... - wolfonthehill

[8:13PM] Another Fergie sighting... if he's in, he might as well shoot, but I do like the EFFORT he brings on D, even with his limited skill set... - wolfonthehill

[8:15PM] If we never recruit another player from the Bronx, I'm cool with that... Gavin alternates between taking over a game and giving one away... - wolfonthehill

[8:17PM] Timeout Pack, down nine again. At least we've discovered that the officials' whistles work--at the BC end, anyway. -- Steven

[8:20PM] Steroids! Nascar! Steroids! Nascar! Shoot me! In! The! Face! -- Steven

[8:21PM] A walk? Offensive interference? No - dunk for BC... up to 11... - wolfonthehill

[8:23PM] You know, I'm digging this liveblog thing... I spend more time looking at my computer and less at my TV... and there ain't much to see on the TV... - wolfonthehill

[8:24PM] 11 point lead with 10 to go... my friend Charlie would say it's over, since you should never lose when you lead by more points than there are minutes left in the game... - wolfonthehill

[8:27PM] I guess it could be worse - at least we didn't hire Kelvin Sampson... - wolfonthehill

[8:29PM] Damn, tough call... would I take probation if I could get a half-season in the top 10 first? Do I have a soul? Pride? Hmmmmm... - wolfonthehill

[8:31PM] Of course that's not an intentional foul. -- Steven

[8:32PM] He was wearing red, not powder-pansy-ass-blue... and he was wearing #11, not #50... so no, it was not an intentional foul... I f'ing hate ACC officials... - wolfonthehill

[8:36PM] Hey! Looks like we have a new player - his name is Courtney Fells, and he looks like he has some skills... maybe we should play him a little more... what? you say he's been in all night? well, wtf has he been DOING??? god, our defense is awful... - wolfonthehill

[8:38PM] I hate to say this, but Sid has lost me... there's no excuse for this level of effort and execution in a must-win game... this is a bad basketball team that's going nowhere except the NIT... - wolfonthehill

[8:40PM] Sigh. Sidney with his head in his hands. -- Steven

[8:40PM] So many little things that COULD happen to give us a chance... Brandon deciding to do something besides eat during the offseason... Brandon hitting open 3's... Courtney showing up to play on a regular basis... Gavin ceasing his attempt to imitate Julius Hodge... any sort of defense whatsoever... but we get none of the above, particularly defense... and a lack of defense is a lack of coaching... - wolfonthehill

[8:43PM] "They're still shitty" -- the Asian groundskeeper dudes from "Major League"

[8:47PM] On a long losing streak? Losing hope? Want to set a career high? Need a confidence boost? Want to give yourself a chance to make the postseason? Looking for easy offense? WE CAN HELP!!! CALL US!!! 1-800-WUF-PACK

[8:51PM] Welcome to tenth place. -- Steven

[8:52PM] Not to oversimplify, but I put this game squarely on Sid's shoulders. We had to stop exactly ONE FUCKING GUY - Tyrese Rice. Our point guards are NOT good defenders... you simply can't say "Go get him, Javi!". It was obvious that Courtney (or even Gavin) needed to shut down Tyrese, and that didn't appear to be considered... that's inexcusable... -- wolfonthehill

[8:54PM] I hate being right when I pick an 18-point loss... thanks for the blog access, Steven... it was better than... hmmm... I'll come up with something... -- wolfonthehill

[8:59PM] Enjoyed it. As much as a terrible loss can be enjoyed. As much as I try to prepare myself or ignore what's going on, there is a point at which I can no longer maintain a sense of humor. And I think that point came about a half hour ago. -- Steven