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Player pairs, player pairs...I've gone cross-eyed.

Here you are. Everything is up to date through the VT game. I'd have the Maryland game included, but forces conspired to not include the substitution data with the play-by-play. That data has to be somewhere, else we wouldn't have the players' PT in the box score. I guess they feel like keeping it to themselves periodically. And by periodically, I mean every time we lose by double-digits to a conference foe. Thanks. Really. I'm looking forward to watching the UMd game again. At least the second half will be new to me. Every time this happens, a small part of me dies.

Anyway, there is now a page in the spreadsheet for each player; on each page you'll find the in-depth numbers and the player pairs. The player pairs stuff should be straightforward, but I do want to point out a couple of things. The %Offense and %Defense columns show what percentage of a player's possessions on the court have been played alongside another player at the offensive and defensive ends, respectively. For example, Brandon Costner has been on the floor for 921 offensive possessions; he's played alongside JJ Hickson in 598 of those possessions, or 64.9% of his total offensive possessions. So that's what's going on there.

Also, in the Plus/Minus column in the player pairs section, some numbers will be green. These are cases where the player's +/- with a particular teammate is better than his individual +/-. Costner is +29 overall (on-court only), +59 playing with Hickson. Thus the +59 is green.

I'll have more later...