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Previewing Maryland

2008 Scouting Report / 2008 Game Plan
2008 Schedule
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Maryland Offense 07-08Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%50.5149Turnover Rate23.0258Off Reb Rate35.773FTM/FGA29.051

The offense has been on a tear, shooting at least 57.9% in four straight--they've won three of those contests. The reason for the good shooting the ACC play has been improved two-point accuracy; they're at 54% through the first eight games, compared to 50.9% on the season.
 2FG% (conf)
Vasquez 54.2
Gist 58.0
Osby 55.6
Hayes 70.6
Osby's newfound efficiency coupled with his increased usage has been particularly helpful.

They've also been turning the ball over less frequently--a more bearable 20.6% in conference play.


Greivis Vasquez (6-6, 190) -- Never shy, Vasquez has transformed from an offensive role player to a focal point, averaging about 15 FGAs/40 minutes--that's up about four shots from last season. He's no worse for wear, at least in conference play, because he's turning the ball over with less regularity and he remains effective from inside the arc. It's the outside shooting that is (and has always been) the problem: 32.8% on the year, 25% in league play. And he is easily the Terps' most frequent shooter from out there, so that hurts.

Eric Hayes (6-4, 184) -- Continues to play a secondary role offensively, but the difference this season is significantly-improved efficiency. He doesn't shoot often, but when he does, they go in; his 126.3 ORtg in ACC games is the best on the team.

Landon Milbourne (6-7, 207)
-- The team trends in ACC play--improved shooting, fewer turnovers--are evident in most everyone's numbers, and Milbourne is no exception. He's been fine from outside, though the two-pointers have been tough to come by.

Bambale Osby (6-8 250) -- Improved shooting, fewer turnovers, blah blah blah. Exceptional offensive rebounder, draws a lot of contact. And there's that magnificent hair. What's not to like?

James Gist (6-9, 235)
-- Thinks he has improved the range on his jumper; he's already taken twice as many threes as he did in 2007. But they ain't going in. Stick to the block, James, where you're very effective.


Although I'm sure we'll see more than just these two, Cliff Tucker (6-6, 190) and Adrian Bowie (6-2, 190) are the only Terps averaging double digit minutes in ACC play.

Bowie has turned the ball over a ton but has been an effective shooter in his limited opportunities.

Maryland Defense 07-08Four FactorsPercentNat'l RankeFG%42.98Turnover Rate20.5216Off Reb Rate35.1257FTM/FGA31.271

The defense has been a real letdown in-conference; they're actually forcing fewer turnovers from ACC foes than we are. And their defensive rebounding isn't so hot, either. Still, they've continued to do a good job of forcing missed shots, and the interior defense remains superb.

In two games against Maryland in 2007, neither of which were close, NC State shot a combined 40% (36-90) on its twos. We're going to need to drastically reverse that on Saturday.

Pomeroy has the Terps by 8.