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UNC Items

-- Tyler Hansbrough, working tenaciously.

Hansbrough, in his insatiable desire to be the best player on the floor, is adding to the qualities that have made him an All-America.

Insatiable desire! Unstoppable will! Indefatigable spirit! You can't spell Tyler Hansbrough without H-E-A-R-T. Also: gush, blather, bluster.

-- JJ Hickson:

"We keep saying the same stuff over and over. Now, we have to do instead of saying it."

That'd be nice, yes.

"That's been the story of this team all year -- either one person [is] going or two people [are] going," [Hickson] said. "We're never going as one. We're always one or two people going, and then the other three people are just out there, it seems like.

NC State Basketball 2008: The Other Three People Are Just Out There, It Seems Like.

-- Carolina's scouting report is here; my preview of the first game is here.

-- The Tar Heels are the least-frequent three-point shooting in the ACC--by a wide margin. That's not too surprising considering that only a few regulars--Lawson, Green, Ellington--take threes with any sort of regularity, and they've had just two of those options available over the last couple of weeks.

-- Danny Green has struggled in conference play: 45.5 2FG%, 28.2 3FG%, 23.4 TO%.

-- In ACC games only:

 A:TO Ast% TO% Ast/40 TO/40
QT 1.9:1 26.8 35.8 7.6 4.0
Lawson 3.2:1 32.5 16.1 8.8 2.7

-- Pomeroy's predictor likes UNC by 11. Rebound competitively, keep the pace down (75 possessions in the first game; that's too fast), and maybe we can make this interesting.