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Gonna Regret These Picks

My final four:

Louisville -- Should cruise to the second weekend. And I've never thought much of Tennessee. Beating the Heels in Charlotte, though, whew; I'll admit that's a stretch.

Kansas -- Despite what I said on Sunday, I'm taking the Jayhawks to win it all again. Clearly I just can't not pick Kansas. I don't know what my deal is.

Stanford -- Love the way they play defense. With twin seven-footers in the lineup, you'd expect they would make it impossible for opponents to make twos or grab misses--and they do. One problem: Marquette is a huge first weekend roadblock. Go Kentucky!

UCLA -- I find it a little disappointing that Kevin Love isn't in the National POY discussion. If Hansbrough deserves serious consideration, so does Love, because he's been every bit as good. Just what is the difference between Hansbrough and Love (and Michael Beasley)? Let's ask Jay Bilas:

Michael Beasley is the best player in the country and an unstoppable man among men. But, Tyler Hansbrough is my choice as national player of the year. Hansbrough is the unyielding leader of a title-contending Tar Heels team, and he has been the toughest and most relentless player in the country. Hansbrough is the ultimate teammate that will do anything to win, and his will exceeds his considerable skill.

In other words:

Lady: Lisa, [Tyler]'s got something you can't learn in school. Zazz!
Lisa: What is 'zazz'?
Lady: Zing! Zork! Kapowza! Call it what you want, in any language it
spells mazuma in the bank!
Lisa: 'Zork'? What is 'zork'?
Lady: I didn't say 'zork'. The point is, the camera loves him!

That's Bilas's (and numerous others') argument in a nutshell. Hansbrough: kapowza!!!!!!

I guess that was a bit of a tangent. Anyhow, Bruins. San Antonio. Affirmed.