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More embarrassing than airballing it?

I'd say yes. I found this while looking for UMass/Syracuse highlights:

Onuaku would later fire an attempted layup over the backboard.

In other news...

-- Pete Gillen sounds a little depressed: "I’ve had a bad decade - I got fired, no friends, no money, no clothes."

-- Duke student complains that he'll graduate without seeing the Blue Devils go to a Final Four. Writes GP:

Oh the humanity, how many poor, bedraggled, downtrodden and unfortunate college students didn’t get to "enjoy" a "Final Four" trip? Let’s think now…A couple hundred thousand EVERY DAMN YEAR! Jeez, some 500,000 UVA graduates have never sniffed the place…(Sorry, Hoos, but somebody had to take the fall.)

-- Another great tidbit I found in the SI Vault:

In the Oklahoma media guide under "Favorite class at OU," Sooner forward Darryl (Choo) Kennedy listed "Theory of Basketball." Below it, under "Least favorite class," Choo wrote "Several."