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Tuesday Items

-- While nosing around the softball team's season stats, I noticed something amazing about pitcher Lindsay Campana: of the 230 outs she's recorded, 180 of them have been ground balls (78.3%). That is insane.

She also sports an outstanding 4.4 K/BB ratio. I know it's early, but these are great signs.

-- Filled out your WNIT bracket yet?

-- Thoughts on next year's basketball team. I'm not ready for that headache yet.

-- In conference play this season, ACC teams averaged 70.8% from the FT line and 35.4% from beyond the arc. And how'd the league shoot against NC State? 75.3% and 42.2%, respectively. Seventy-five percent? Jeez, guys, like yell or something while you're standing there. (That is, yell at the other team.) Contrast that with UVA, which somehow "held" opponents to 63.1% from the line.

Duke and Carolina also had opponents shoot below average from the line. Because God loves them. And they're scary, man. Once Scheyer graduates, Duke should stick him in the front row behind the basket and have him make faces--no one would ever make a free throw in Cameron again.

-- Here's a spring football practice preview.