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[expletive deleted], you can drive my car.

Earlier this week we learned that Torry Holt is a Carolina basketball fan...

(How could you, Torry?! How am I supposed to look at the "Making His-Torry" poster I've got hanging in the bedroom? "All-America character," it lauds. Uh huh, yeah, sure. You are dead to me, sir. Dead to me.)

...and today? Well...

Jaguars defensive back Brian Williams went off on a sexual, racist and profane rant aimed at Jacksonville police during his 2006 drunken driving arrest, according to recently obtained documents from his ongoing prosecution.


According to the report, Williams said he would rather flip burgers than be a police officer and bragged that he went to a "name college" while the (expletive deleted) officer "went to public college, probably junior college." Williams attended North Carolina State University.

Asked if he wanted his female passenger to take his car, Williams replied, "I ain't letting that ho take my car," Bridges wrote. Advised that a tow truck was the only alternative, Bridges said Williams responded: "Let the [expletive deleted] take it."

Ahh, the lovely world of Wolfpack athletics. Where the off-field shamings are as frequent as the on-field ones, and the only person winning awards is Lee fucking Fowler.

I need a hug.