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That'll learn us.

As you might've heard--since it's all over the sports blogosphere today--Bob Costas held a panel discussion on his TV show last night that included Will Leitch, Buzz Bissinger, and Braylon Edwards. The topic: the Internet, and more specifically, sports blogs. This video is courtesy Awful Announcing:

I admit I was (foolishly) hopeful about this, but man, what a complete waste of time. It becomes evident quickly that both Bissinger and Costas are ignorant of the blogging medium--Costas, for instance, has trouble differentiating posts from the comments that appear beneath them. It's hard to expect a productive dialogue, that being the case. And we didn't get one.

Bissinger just took the opportunity to vent, setting the tone with statements like, "I think that blogs are dedicated to cruelty; they're dedicated to journalistic dishonesty..." The only thing he knows about blogs is that he doesn't like them.

What an outrage. I'm almost compelled to get up from this couch in my mother's basement. (Just kidding; I actually blog from mom's bonus room. With windows and everything. So take that, deplorably-stupid-cliché-employing blog critics!)